Todays post is just an excuse to post this artwork

The cover of Lalo Schifrin's 1977 Towering Toccata. The image is cleary meant to say "look at how enormously colossal and towering is the talent Lalo Schifrin" but thanks to 70s graphic design competencies, its ends up saying something more like "does any of you persons down there have an asprin for me? Lalo was having many ales last night."

Schifrin has scored over 400 films. Most famously, Mission Impossible, and most uncomfortably, 2003's Bringing Down The House. (I have this dark suspicion that when Eugene Levy is in the very last stages of advanced Alzheimer's, the last four words he will remember before the light goes out for good will be: "You're straight trippin' Boo!")

I can't speak to the bulk of his work, but this "Dirty Harry" theme is a cunning little masterpiece. It's definitely got all those staple 70s action film elements: the Chase Bass, the Strings of Intrigue... but that little downbeat guitar and organ thingy that bookends the song? Good god theres genius in that. Its amazing how comfortably it sits at the table with modern electronica, especially the "Arctic Jazztronika" of Kolar Goi. Arctic Jazztronika? My Papa loves the stuff.

Kolar Goi's song is of course an update on another famous Eastwood film score, by another famous film scorer: Ennio Morricone's The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Morricone's operatic "LŽEstasi DellŽOro (Ecstasy of Gold)", from the same soundtrack, gets a cool trip-hop treatmnent here by Bandini, as part of a recent remix project by Compost Records that spawned 5 discs over two volumes.